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2020 Season Announcement

Dear Friends and Neighbors,   Over the last several weeks we have been working hard to make a summer yoga schedule that brings people together safely during this challenging time. Thanks to the many people who reached out to us and filled in our reopening survey, we are excited to say that we WILL be running outdoor yoga this year. In case you missed it we released our timetable this week (check it out here!!) but you may notice one big change.  This time of year, we’d usually have a full calendar of rentals and events to share the yoga love with some of our corporate partners AND bring the company a much-needed financial boost. But if you read our Covid...

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Sanitizer: Unpacked

All about that bass…all about that bass...wait, we mean waste! All about that zero waste!  (please sing to the tune of Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass) Most people know us for yoga, and that's awesome, but we also do mat recycling, and we also try pretty hard to be as kind on our planet as we are to other humans (we try pretty hard). Hence the whole: "Karma yoga for the people. Mats and recycling for the planet" tagline.  When the pandemic hit, like everyone, we had to pivot, suddenly the world needed new things, and in new ways. Suddenly we couldn't support our programs by having classes or renting mats. Suddenly, we had to rethink everything. So,...

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Covid Announcement and Call to Action

Dear friends & neighbours, We are heading into uncertain and challenging times. Like many of you, we are awash with emotions about the current situation. If you are taking social isolation, helping your neighbours, and putting the wellbeing of your community over your own desires, we see you and we appreciate you.   This is a scary time for many of us. Many of our lives will be deeply impacted and are shrouded in uncertainty. Many businesses, startups, social enterprises and non-profits, especially the small ones, will not survive. If you are not taking this seriously- please reconsider- many people are risking their health and safety on the front lines, and many of your friends, colleagues, and local businesses are losing...

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