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We believe the happiest students have teachers who love what they do, and that's how we roll. We pour our love, knowledge, and compassion into every event, class, and workshop and we are so excited to be part of a community with all of you. 

Mat Collective has been made up of nearly 50 talented yoga teachers over the years. We take breaks, have babies, chase whirlwind adventures, and finish more then a few degrees, but at the heart of things we share a love of this community and the values we built it on.  



Core Values 

We are working on this as a team- do you have a suggestion you recommend? We would love to hear it! 


Intrigued by our goals + vision?

We are a seasonal non profit with commitments ranging from 1 hour a year to 20 hours/week, here are some opportunities to work with us! Most roles posted for MC are paid contract positions with the exception of advisory roles.  Advisory roles are volunteer roles filled by members of the community interested in the mission and goals of the organisation. If you believe this is a professional match we invite you to contact us at to start the convo! 
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