Class Types


​Both Hatha and Hatha Flow are great for individuals who are newer to yoga.

A slower practice that emphasizes both postural alignment and various breathing techniques to stretch and strengthen your body.


Flow Yoga is sometimes called Vinyasa Yoga or Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and is a bit more challenging than a Hatha class.
An energetic sequence of postures that synchronizes your breath with movement in order to build strength, balance, and flexibility. Generally each movement, in or out of a posture, is cued along with an inhalation or an exhalation.


A happy medium between a flow class and a hatha class.


Great for yogis looking to build strength as well as flexibility.
This challenging practice builds internal heat and increases strength, stamina, and flexibility. The dynamic sequence of postures will increase your flexibility, and most likely include some optional arm balances and/or inversions.


The perfect all-levels compliment to more dynamic and muscular types of yoga and exercise.
A slow-paced practice that targets connective tissues, to enhance joint mobility and flexibility. The deep stretches are held for longer periods of time to effectively target certain areas of the body, often the hips, pelvis, and lower spine.


Half yin and half flow. Warm up your body with flow, followed by yin to cool you down.


An all-levels, all-ages class, perfect for any level of yogi.
A more playful class emphasizing connection and Yoga. It’s a happy medium between Hatha and Flow. The fusion aspect of this class is human connection through partner stretches and Mandala sequencing. In a big circle with other yogis, build strength, balance, and flexibility.