New Yogis

All our classes are designed for all levels, so whether you are new to yoga, or new to a certain style of yoga, you are in the right place.

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring your own yoga mat (or towel), and water.

If it is your first class with us, please fill out our Waiver before attending.


If you have any injuries you think your yoga teacher should know about, let them know before class starts. If you have been to physio or had any recommendations from a doctor about certain exercises you should modify or avoid, please always listen to your medical professional first.


As you become more comfortable with the poses, terminology and style, try some different types of classes and some new teachers.


As mentioned, all our classes are all levels. That being said, some class types are more difficult than others. Check out our Class Types to learn more and find the best class for you!


Arrive Early

Set up about 10 minutes before class starts so you can get all settled in and ready for the start of class.

Walking Around

Maintain social distance when walking around and avoid stepping directly on other yogi's mats and stuff.

No Electronics

Refrain from using cell phones (or anything else that beeps or buzzes) during class, as to not interrupt those around you.

Stagger Yourself

Even though the teacher will move around, stagger your mat so you aren't directly blocking the people behind you from their view of the teacher.

Zip Your Lips

Please no talking during the actual class.

Clean Up

If you are attending an outdoor class, please respect the park and clean up after yourself. If it's an indoor class, we have cleaner to clean your mat with at the end of class. If you borrowed a mat, wipe, then roll up your mat and stack it neatly back where you got it from.


You don't need them! If you keep them on you might find that your feet don't grip into your mat properly, which can be dangerous.
    This is a word often said at the end of class. The teacher will say it first, and the students say it back to the teacher.