Yoga mat industry + waste streams + shop. Mat Collective is the first city-wide yoga mat recycling and upcycling program in Canada. Formed in 2016, the Mat Collective team collects yoga mats from studios, community centres, and individuals across Metro Vancouver. Reclaimed mats are combined with local, green, and reclaimed materials and transformed into new products such as laptop cases and yoga accessories. 

Social sustainability is at the heart of Mat Collective, and community members are welcome to volunteer on a range of community projects in exchange for a free yoga mat or participate in a free yoga class from Mat Collective’s founding organization, Kits Space, the largest provider of free yoga in Western Canada. 

To see their green products, find a drop off point near you, or to learn more, visit Mat Collective online, or in person at their shared studio in Riley Park (visit website for hours).

You are always welcome to drop off your unwanted or old yoga mat(s) at our HQ! If we're not around, just leave it inside the fence and we will get to it the next day. Thank you!

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