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With our renewed commitment to accessibility and diversity, we've added some new classes, technology, and events this season.

From Headphone Yoga on the beach to Free Community Classes and with classes accessible to all levels, we've got a class for everyone!

Classic Yoga

Classic Mat Collective classes are the best way to experience accessible open air yoga in Vancouver. We explore a variety of styles and techniques in these classes, and they are accessible to all while presenting a healthy challenge.


All Classic and Community classes are performed within a socially distanced grid, to ensure safety alongside exercise and relaxation.  

Headphone Yoga

The practice of yoga is always changing, and Open-Air Silent Disco Yoga is the latest innovation. Through wireless, noise-cancelling headphones you are transported to your own personal world of yoga, synced to a specially curated playlist with instructions broadcast in real time. 


The regularly santized headphones can be collected from MC staff (in exchange for collateral) at a specific location, and the transmitter travels for up to 500 metres, allowing you to find the perfect spot to explore your practice.           

Free Community Yoga

Making yoga accessible to all has always  been one of Mat Collective's key values. This commitment hasn't wavered, and we facilitate a network of free yoga sessions every Friday at parks across the city.


The class is open to all skill levels, and a great place to start if you are new to the practice, or just wanting to see what Mat Collective is all about.       

Class Pricing 


Things at Mat Collective are always evolving. In addition to our free community classes, we now offer Class Passes that save you money on multiple visits, for both our Classic and new Headphone classes!

All classes, even free and single visits, must be pre-booked online, and a mandatory liability waiver must be signed.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. We can’t wait to see you out there!

Date Night (2 people, 1 class)
3 Class Pass
5 Class Pass
10 Class Pass
15 Class Pass

A few notes

before you come

For all our classes and events, please be sure to arrive with enough time to check in and get comfortable.


Please do not attend if you feel sick in any way, and always maintain proper social distancing.


Please bring your own mat and reusable water bottle, and as always, take only photos (and deep breaths!), and leave only footprints!

Want more information?

Check out our FAQ Page!

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