Yoga – Balancing Mind and Body

Now that the summer is coming to an end and we are already reminiscing about how the season is always so short; I would like to share one of my favourite things I do to stay mindful and present. Comment below and share what do you do to soak in summer?

We are constantly faced with numerous and equally important to-do items on our lists. While we are trying to tackle these items, we are indented with numerous distractions. When I am busy at work, I remember that I need to do laundry, send out an email to a friend, do couple things for my parents and that I forgot to put pasta sauce on the grocery list! Basically, it never really ends. While doing work and trying to get the distractions in order, I am trying to look at ways I can be more mindful and relaxed. That is when I came across yoga!

Couple years ago, my wonderful husband introduced me to Mat Collective Yoga! This is a wonderful non-profit organization that holds free outdoor yoga classes throughout Vancouver. For more information, check them out here. Luckily for me, one of their locations worked out perfectly: Riley Park! For the last couple years, we have explored yoga together and it has been so amazing!

For me, it is not just about yoga, but the whole experience. Research has found that spending 30 minutes outside will not only heal your body, but your mind as well! The outdoor yoga class is one hour of beautiful experience, where I am able to stop thinking about work, life and all the million things I need to do. I am able to focus my mind and energy towards the poses and while I am doing that I hear the birds chirping, kids playing in the park, people talking, live music playing in the background and the Farmer’s Market in full swing! Clearly there are a number of distractions, but somehow when I am doing outdoor yoga, everything is in sync and I am able to focus on the most simple and crucial thing in life: my breath.

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