COVID-19 Announcement & Call to Action

Dear friends & neighbours,

We are heading into uncertain and challenging times. Like many of you, we are awash with emotions about the current situation. If you are taking social isolation, helping your neighbours, and putting the wellbeing of your community over your own desires, we see you and we appreciate you.

This is a scary time for many of us. Many of our lives will be deeply impacted and are shrouded in uncertainty. Many businesses, startups, social enterprises and non-profits, especially the small ones, will not survive. If you are not taking this seriously- please reconsider- many people are risking their health and safety on the front lines, and many of your friends, colleagues, and local businesses are losing everything right now.

In the middle of March we made the financially crippling but without doubt right decision that many small businesses did and put the health and wellbeing of our community at the forefront- suspending all event rentals, event appearances, and studio programming.

We have received requests to open our season early. While we would love nothing more than to give you the hope, social connection, and community that we have for many years. However, after mapping out different safety precautions possible with our colleagues at the city of Vancouver and the public health official guidelines we have not yet found a solution that does not have some element of risk. We urge those health and wellness businesses who have gone outside to reconsider ceasing operations.

At this time, we do not meet criteria for bailouts. Our contractors do not qualify for EI. We are seasonal and it makes us vulnerable. Our future, as it often has been in the past, is in our hands, and in yours. Quite frankly- doing the right thing- means we risk our survival, and we do that, without hesitation. It is the right thing to do. We are a community non profit, our commitment to your wellbeing, comes first.

Unique situations require unique solutions. As such, we have made the decision to join forces with local eco-friendly mat company Warrior Mats who have made the incredibly generous donation of 150 yoga mats to Mat Collective. We will be selling these mats, our usual mat bags, and some other items along with gift cards, in our first fundraiser. Think of it as 150 mats for 150 days of survival.

Mat Collective has always placed community first. For 7 years it has been an unbelievable pleasure to grow this community to the size it is. We hope that if you are financially able, that you show your support by buying local. Give us a chance to fight another day.

With all our love,

Selina & the Mat Collective team.

I have financial resources and want to help- How can I support?

-Shop Local. If you need one- please buy your mat or other items from our shop

-Buy Gift Cards. We have set these so they never expire and we will accept them like cash for future event tickets, space rentals, private classes, and products.

-Make a Donation. As a non profit, outdoor yoga is just one of the ways we help our community. If you can donate, we massively appreciate it.

-Pay it Forward- Buy a sleeping mat or other item and we will donate them to our non profit and charity partners on the front lines.

I don't have financial resources to spare, can I still help?

-Volunteer (from home). You are valuable, amazing, and we would be happy to have your help.

-Review Us. Do positive google reviews, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, comment on things and spread the word. It sounds silly, but it really will help us to book more work post pandemic.

-Connect Us. If you have a company or relationship to a company with a health and wellness or marketing budget personal connections makes a world of difference.

Options to get orders:

  1. Curbside Delivery.

  2. Shipped to you.

  3. Post Pandemic Pick-Up

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