Zamir Dhanji

Teaches Holistic Hatha

My goal as a yoga teacher is to inspire others to embrace the depth of what yoga has to offer - integrating our potential in body, mind, emotions and spirit.”


Zamir completed his 500 hr Teacher Training with David Goulet in Chakra Yoga as taught by the late Swami Gitananda, founder of the Ananda Ashram and proponent of rishi culture asthanga yoga.


He is also an initiate of Ati-yoga under the guidance of Wisdom Master Maticintin, founder of HÜMÜH Clear-Mind Buddhism, with whom he has discipled for eight years in the practice and study of meditation and Buddhist logic.

He works as lead instructor for the Langara College Yoga Teacher Training program, as well as offering workshops and classes in Vancouver and beyond.

Monique Francis

Teaches Hatha and Therapeautic Yoga

Monique works with people who feel disconnected. She teaches from an intentional place where movements are slow and subtle because she believes that paying attention to what we’re feeling increases awareness of ourselves and those around us.

She has almost 40 years of contemplative practices, 18 years as a Third Order monastic, and more than three decades devoted to the eight limbs of yoga. She seeks to create a space where you are able to unfurl, sink into yourself, and recognize your thread in the greater tapestry of life.

She is an experienced retreat and workshop facilitator, as well as, a trauma-informed yoga teacher and narrative comatic therapist. She works in the community and privately with a focus on emotional and mental resilience. More importantly, she practices what she teaches.

Mackenzie Godard

Teaches Hatha and more!

Mackenzie has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. She always wanted to complete her teacher training but, for one reason or another, life kept getting in the way. Then, on a whim, she attended an info session at YYOGA in Vancouver. Finally, everything clicked together and there were no more excuses not to pursue her dream.


Mackenzie’s classes are best described as challenging, dynamic and accessible — students can expect to work but there will always be options for everyone. She focuses strongly on alignment to empower students to explore their practice in the safest way possible.


A creative writer by trade and a yoga teacher by passion, Mackenzie lives in False Creek with her husband aboard a 45-foot sailboat.

Lori Hurd

Teaches Hatha

Lori teaches Hatha Yoga to help students discover peace, strength and happiness from within. She is a pharmacist who believes in combining Eastern and Western health practices for a holistic experience for her patients and students. Lori believes yoga should be accessible to everyone and inspires students to reach personal goals, to use their breath, and to be present in their yoga practice for physical and mental health.

Born in Nova Scotia, Lori loves to get outside and be active in beautiful BC. She bikes, runs, sails, swims, hikes, snowboards, and does yoga to unwind.


“When I was first considering leaving my life and job on the East Coast to move to Vancouver in 2010 with my vacation fling from the Cayman Islands (my current husband:p), I remember seeing a picture of yoga outdoors at Kits Beach. It looked so beautiful - the sea, the mountains, everyone on their colourful yoga mats on the grass. I thought “I can’t wait to move and do yoga on the beach right there”. My excitement overcame any fear. Now I am so blessed to be able to actually TEACH at my dream spot this summer with Mat Collective. Dreams do come true!”

Judy Rom

Teaches Hatha and more!

"Letting go is the hardest asana."

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